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IWP Student Discusses Emerging Medical Threats and Impact on U.S. National Security at IWP Student Symposium

On May 18th, IWP student and medical doctor, Zak A. presented on the topic of “Emerging Medical Threats and National Security,” as part of the annual IWP Student Symposium hosted each year by IWP Student Ambassadors.

Drawing from his studies at IWP as well as his own previous experience as a physician, Zak began his lecture by discussing the history of weaponization of medical technologies. In tracing recent innovations in the medical field, including CRISPr, 3-D printing, and nano-technology, Zak spoke directly to the ability of malicious actors to manipulate those technologies as weapons as well as the larger implications these new technologies pose to our national security.

A recipient of IWP’s Presidential Scholarship, Zak’s previous professional experiences gives him a unique perspective to analyze the emerging medical threats facing the world today.