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Just Calling: The Christian Basis for a Career in Peacemaking

This article by Dr. Wayne Schroeder was published in the Winter 2017 edition of Providence: A Journal of Christianity and American Foreign Policy.

The United States is undergoing profound change in its moral, ethical, and spiritual climate. The gradual movement away from objective truth and toward what has become a more subjective understanding of right and wrong — post-modernism — is impacting our daily lives and our relationship to the state. One of the emerging challenges facing Christians living in this changing moral climate involves how to deal with these issues in what is known as “the public square.” Because changes in our nation’s moral and ethical compass could have the potential to profoundly impact how we interact with other nations and lead world public opinion, an important, far-reaching dimension
of this public policy challenge will be how to best address and positively influence national attitudes on matters related to peacemaking and statecraft.

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