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Hard left drives Old Dixie down

Americans once celebrated their history. But no more. Cultural Marxists and “social justice warriors” have succeeded in convincing a generation of American students that U.S. history is nothing but a record of racism and oppression. The recent campaign to remove Confederate monuments is only one battle in an ongoing culture war.

At the time the United States was created, aristocrats held that certain classes and races, “born booted and spurred,” had the natural right to rule over others “born with saddles on their backs.” Slavery was a worldwide phenomenon. Africans were sold into the Atlantic slave trade by other Africans. Few raised moral objections to the practice.

The United States was founded on a different claim: that no one has the natural right to rule over another without the latter’s consent. The Declaration of Independence indicted the divine rights of kings and the claim of aristocrats to lord it over their “inferiors.” It also made the abolition of slavery a moral and political necessity.

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