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The German elections and their impact on the Army

The article below was written by Thomas Flichy de La Neuville, IWP Research Professor, and published by The Weichert Report.

The last German elections will have impact on the positioning of the armed forces. For several years now, Germany has been under pressure to increase the involvement of the Bundeswehr into NATO operations. These pressures were confronted with institutional obstacles, in particular the fact that the Bundeswehr is the army of the Parliament in order to prevent the constitution of a State within the State.

We must also mention the concept of Innere Führung invented by post-war romantic liberals in order to restrict the use of armed force, except in the case of a communist coup. Today the Innere Führung has been diverted from its initial objective by the conservative fringe of the German army. It is being used so as to resist the pressures of neoconservative leaders, who hope to use the German armed forces outside its state borders, in coalitions under international control.

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