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IWP student speaks about the impact of technological disruption and Judaism

On October 22, IWP student Zak A. will travel to Paris’s Yeshiva School to speak on the impact of technological disruption and Judaism. Zak, who an IWP Student Ambassador and the former Director of Google University in France, will be accompanied by Yeshiva instructors and two other scholars-Rabbi Rav Zyzek and Madame Eliane Gluckman, a medical professor who pioneered stem cell technology.

During the panel, Zak and his fellow experts will discuss a range of questions, including: Is man obsolete? Are we facing a redefinition of humanity? Can we use DNA tests to determine paternity according to Jewish law? Is there a kosher use of the Internet? And, do GMOs have an impact on kosher laws and diet?

This study of the texts and roundtable should prove to provide interesting insights into the relationship with Judaism and technology. More information may be found at this link

Update, 10/26/17: A video of Zak’s remarks may be found below.