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The IWP Internship Experience: Anna Falcione

Anna Falcione

My internship at The Institute of World Politics has been nothing short of a great experience.  I have learned so much from the faculty, staff, and everyone else here. IWP provides many opportunities for students who want to build their career in international relations, national security, cyber, and intelligence.  My future career is positively impacted because of the many opportunities and learning experiences this internship provides. The Institute creates inspiring and committed leaders, and my internship gave me a desire to go into international relations and affairs. The Institute of World Politics offers excellent classes based on cyber, national security, policy, and international affairs. Furthermore, these classes are taught by professors and experts in diplomacy, intelligence, military, academia, and statecraft.

What makes the IWP internship so unique is that interns have the opportunity to audit a class and interact with some amazing thinkers. This is beyond what an intern can hope for when looking to build a career in national security, international affairs, or politics. The Institute of World Politics allows interns to utilize the knowledge they gain from the classroom and get real world experience.  Also, interns are invited to attend lecture lunches, which give interns a chance to talk with professionals who are experts in national security and international affairs.

IWP provides quality mentorship as well as the opportunity to get career advice from some of the professionals at IWP, making it one of the best internships in Washington, D.C.  While other internships may only include making coffee and answering phones, IWP offers real-world experience as well as knowledge in a professional work environment. The Institute of World Politics provides networking, support, and career advice, so I would certainly recommend taking full advantage of every aspect that IWP offers its interns.

Anna Falcione
Intern, Summer 2018