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The IWP Internship Experience: Uma Mengale

Uma Mengale

During the summer of 2018, I had the opportunity to intern and conduct research at The Institute of World Politics in the heart of Washington, D.C. I first heard about IWP through Danielle Shover, the Director of Graduate Recruitment, where we discussed all the different opportunities the Institute had to offer. Her enthusiasm and passion for IWP, as well as her incredible breadth of knowledge, convinced me that this was the place for me this summer, especially as a post-graduate looking to move forward in my academic and professional career.

Some of my favorite memories center on the incredible daily goings-on of the Institute. During one of my Skybox shifts, I was able to staff a conference where the South Korean Ambassador and his staff stopped by the Institute. I spent time speaking to attachés, embassy staff, and military leaders – some of them even handed me their business cards and asked for my resume! It was incredible being in close proximity to diplomats and seeing them interact with members of the IWP faculty and other academics.

My experience at IWP has been an invaluable one. Under the mentorship of Dr. Matt Daniels and alongside the rest of the Human Rights team, I have learned how to script, edit, and produce short videos that reach thousands of individuals – hard skills that broaden my professional opportunities. These videos uniquely combine popular digital culture with human rights violations, drawing connections with which millions of viewers worldwide can identify. Moreover, the conversations I have had with faculty, staff, and my fellow interns have been immeasurably positive. During this internship session at IWP, I learned and absorbed more than I could have hoped from this diverse and experienced group of people.

Uma Mengale
Intern, Summer 2018