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With Friends Like These Poland Needs No Enemies

When Poland agreed to host a Middle East conference in Warsaw, on February 13-14, it expected some flak from Muslim countries, in particular Iran, a cold shoulder from the European Union, and, of course, scathing criticism from Russia and, perhaps, China. What the Polish hosts did not expect was attacks and hectoring from the United States, Israel, and the liberal media. What was billed as a “Middle East” summit quickly turned into a lecture on the Second World War.

Poland bent over backward to accommodate the wishes of Washington, D.C., to hold the conference despite the opposition of Brussels, Moscow, Beijing, Tehran, and other actors. To show its loyalty and solidarity, Poland took America’s support for granted. In return, some American officials and reporters insulted the Poles. Warsaw was utterly unprepared for the wave of resentment and ignorance from its allies. We shall return to this below. First, let us look at, shall we say, Poland’s non-allies.

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