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A big win for big brother in Hanoi

The anticlimax of the heavily hyped summit between the U.S. President and the chairman of the North Korean regime obscured the real winner of the meeting: Viet Nam’s Communist regime. Hanoi got the limelight it craved – with few talking about Hanoi’s glaring dark side. The main exception are the courageous bloggers willing to overcome Vietnam’s extensive censorship and brutal police force.

“These days, West Hanoi is booming,” crowed Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer on location of the Donald Trump-Kim Jong Un scripted reality show in Hanoi. The talking heads were quick to point out that Chairman Kim was remiss in not taking a tour of the shiny housing developments arising from the economic miracle of Vietnam’s industrial sector. The White House pointed to more good news, with nearly $13 billion in sales of U.S.-manufactured aircraft and engines to Viet Air and Bamboo Air.

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