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Venezuela: A Country in Crisis

If ever there were an example of a government not performing even the most basic of ethical duties to its citizens, it is that of Venezuela under Nicolás Maduro and the PSUV (Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela or United Socialist Party of Venezuela). Despite the fact that Hugo Chavez came to power on the back of a moral argument that his “Bolivarian socialism” would lead to less income inequality, less poverty, less corruption, and greater social justice, Chavismo has in fact produced precisely the opposite, and in starker terms than could possibly have been imagined 20 years ago when Chavez came to power. My in-laws, forced to flee Fidel Castro’s revolution in Cuba, from whence they ended up in Venezuela, immediately saw the striking parallels between Castroism and Chavismo and emigrated to the United States shortly after Chavez came to power, noting that they had seen this story (socialism) before and that it did not end well. Wisdom gained through bitter experience. 

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