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The IWP Internship Experience: Aaron Feldman

Aaron Feldman

Any institution is only as strong as the people of which it is comprised. To its immense credit, The Institute of World Politics is composed of some of the most dedicated and passionate faculty and staff in the United States.

As a sophomore undergrad student at The George Washington University, serving as an Events and Communications intern at The Institute of World Politics has been an exceptional opportunity to continue developing the skills and knowledge necessary to be an asset to my future workplace and to operate as a “force-multiplier” in working with a team to accomplish objectives with limited time and a great deal of precision.

I have been humbled to work with a compassionate, thoughtful, and committed group that is outstanding at the work it does, making sure each and every task we undertake is executed with professionalism, joint communication, teamwork, and cooperation. Not only have I been honored to be a part of this team, but I also have thoroughly enjoyed it.

The opportunities IWP affords its interns, from a myriad of exclusive and interesting trips to networking opportunities and lecture events, truly go above and beyond the resources bequeathed to most interns in similar circumstances. I am deeply grateful for everything the generous staff at IWP has bestowed upon me and the outstanding experiences the Institute has given me. One of the highlights of the internship was attending an exclusive tour of the Pentagon led by IWP alumni working in the building. It’s difficult to describe the excitement that accompanies stepping out into the courtyard within the center of the complex and thinking, “I’m in the PENTAGON right now!”

Accompanying these exciting social opportunities are even more compelling chances for professional growth that accompany an internship with IWP. The Institute set up informational interviews with professionals in my field of study on my behalf, and it allowed me to engage in many of the same networking events otherwise afforded exclusively to IWP students and alumni. I fail to conceive of any other internship program that provides similar services to its interns. The staff members genuinely want you to succeed, and they are immensely benevolent in providing the resources to do so.

Growing out of this is the distinct impression that each intern is left with, from the first week to the last, is that, at IWP, you are important, appreciated, and a part of a greater team and organization. I have greatly enjoyed my time interning at The Institute of World Politics, and the experience has certainly increased my ability to perform professionally.

Aaron Feldman
Spring 2019

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