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The IWP Internship Experience: William Hartnett

Will Hartnett

My internship experience at The Institute of World Politics has been incredibly beneficial both from a professional and personal level. Heading into the second semester of my junior year, I was looking for a research-focused internship that was within my field of interest. Auditing a graduate-level course in counterterrorism studies while producing research papers on terrorist incidents of my choosing fulfilled that desire. This internship offered the chance at independent research in the national security and intelligence fields, as well as the opportunity to see how graduate-level education integrates into these fields.

As a member of the counterterrorism research team, I had the opportunity to study and learn from a career counterterrorism professional, Professor Danis, who challenged me to put forth my best effort. His real-world insights into the field as a scholar-practitioner helped me discover new areas of interest for both my academic and professional career.

Beyond the day-to-day work of the internship, IWP opens up its Career Services department, alumni networking events, and student opportunities for interns. I had the chance to tour the Pentagon and to meet some of IWP’s former students who now work there. Meeting young professionals in this field who have been on the path I’m currently on really emboldened me to take advantage of every chance I could find. With the career office, having an extra pair of eyes to look over resumes and applications, shows how the people at IWP really care about your career path and want you to succeed.

Now, heading into the summer, I will continue to work on a podcast program for IWP with a fellow intern I met this spring, Zack Steffens. Additionally, Professor Danis has asked me back to help out with the matrix simulation game we have been working on this semester.

I would recommend this internship to all students with a conscious interest in national security and international affairs. IWP’s resources, work experience, and research opportunities are unparalleled.

William Hartnett
Spring 2019

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