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Trans-Atlantic Relations in the Context of Nationalism, National Identity and Sovereignty

IWP Research Professor Dr. Paul Coyer has contributed a chapter entitled “Trans-Atlantic Relations in the Context of Nationalism, National Identity and Sovereignty” to a book entitled Sovranita, Democrazia e Liberta, [Sovereignty, Democracy, and Freedom] (Rome, 2019) edited by Giuseppe Valditara, pp. 45-50.

This chapter is based on a talk he gave as the American representative at a conference this past December in Milan of European government officials, senior jurists and academics, held on the topic of nationalism, national identity and sovereignty.

Here is a quotation from the chapter:

“Increasingly, the United States and many of our Western allies are being led by those to which the late Samuel Huntington in his 2004 essay ‘Dead Souls’ (a phrase borrowed from the Sir Walter Scott poem of the same name) referred to as a ‘denationalized elite’. …The more strenuously the voices affirming faith, family, tradition, sovereignty and identity are condemned and the greater the amount of energy expended in marginalizing and/or silencing them, the stronger and more virulent will be the backlash, with a concomitant increase in more extreme voices throughout the West gaining a greater hearing than would otherwise have been the case. This carries grave implications for the future of the international order, particularly political order in the West. The more strongly our political and cultural elites dig in their heels, the more violent is likely to be the counter-reaction.”