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Caution Needed as Trump Ponders Pardons

American warfighters rightly deserve the admiration and support of their fellow citizens at home. So many of us, myself included, will never experience the physical pain of war; will never experience the psychological stress of operating in areas where those in civilian garb can smile at you one second, right before detonating an explosive vest the next. We will never know what it’s like to have a bond with men we’ve literally dodged bullets with, until an IED explodes and takes the lives of the young sons, brothers, husbands you love more than life-every life gone, except yours. But then, imagine in this scenario, you are presented with an opportunity to face the enemy who committed the act, but he’s in custody and you are required by God’s law and the laws of your country to leave justice to the authorities… only, nobody but God is looking. Some men, who otherwise just like you and me, with the heavy burden of war’s experience and suffocating grief and anger, have not left justice to the authorities.

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