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Pick-up sticks, political tricks, and the power of definition

OP-ED: There’s a pathway to a unity government, but first we need to know what ‘unity’ means, and then we need to create a new (Likud) party

When we were small, we used to play a game called pick-up sticks. The object of the game was to collect as many sticks as you could, without dropping the ones you already had in your hand. You mastered the game when you realized that aiming to pick up the “wrong” sticks, wrong because of the way they were positioned, would cost you more in the end.

This is a skill Israeli prime-minister wanna-bes should learn. In a vain attempt at collecting mandates, they (and bored, fed-up or lemming-like citizens) fail to appreciate that not all the children in the park are going to ‘play nice in the sandbox’ with each other. Even if a coalition is in fact commandeered, shortly before the next budgetary process begins these hastily collected candidates will cannibalize each other, and this coalition, or any coalition, based on numbers and without regard to position, will fail.

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