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Deal of the century is non-starter

Drawn up by a demented cartographer, the plan, however, does bury the Oslo agreement and demonstrate that Arab Israelis don’t want to be Palestinians.

Now that the famous “Deal of the Century” has finally been unveiled, enough time has gone by to see past the praises and the condemnations and examine calmly what it’s all about.

Much has been written about the relatively positive reception of the “deal” among a number of the Arab countries, including such heavyweights as Egypt and Saudi Arabia. More than anything else this is due to the behavior of the Palestinians themselves and their international enablers, such as the UN and various Western countries. The Palestinians have been encouraged to think of themselves as the center of the universe and their problems as of fundamental concern to everyone in the region and beyond. This was always an illusion and with every passing day is becoming more so. Their fate is paling in significance compared with the Iranian threat and the necessity of diversifying economies from near-total dependence on oil and gas. Now more than ever, support for the Palestinians is limited to Iran, Turkey, and what the Soviets used to refer to as the “useful idiots” in the West.

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