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Professor Heinrichs discusses the U.S. response to COVID-19 on Fox Business

Professor Rebeccah Heinrichs of IWP and the Hudson Institute appeared on Fox Business on March 17 to discuss beating COVID-19 and how other countries have handled the crisis.

In this appearance, Professor Heinrichs looked at other countries’ responses to the coronavirus pandemic and what we can learn from them. She was critical of China’s authoritarian methods, expressing hope that Americans would instead voluntarily isolate themselves to stop the spread of the virus. Heinrichs stated that “this entire episode is showcasing to the world the nature of the different governments.”

She highlighted the public-private partnership that is emerging in the United States, not only to bring people medical supplies but also to defer loans and provide internet access, among many other services. In contrast, the Chinese government has had a lack of transparency, preventing the World Health Organization from seeing where the crisis began and slowing the response of other nations. She also praised South Korea for having been prepared for this sort of crisis before it happened.

At IWP, Professor Heinrichs teaches a course on Nuclear Deterrence and Arms Control.

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