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Back the Blue—and Give ’em a Raise!

A powerful revolutionary wave has been sweeping the nation. One of its bywords is “Defund the Police.” In reality, however, it is about law and order. Emasculating or even dismantling the police is plainly an assault on law and order.

The postulate to defund law enforcement officers has gained some traction in Democrat-controlled cities in particular.  Minneapolis city council voted to dissolve its police force. Berkeley has shifted some aspects of policing, in particular traffic control, to town civilian inspectors. Seattle has mulled a motion to dismiss all white officers. It is all about racism, we are told.

My experiences with the police have been mixed. For the first twenty years of my life the encounters were almost uniformly unpleasant, to say the least. For the next 38 years, they have been fine for the most part. As to the former period, I’m referring to the Communist terror apparatus in Poland. Even then I had a scale of comparison because I had sampled the professional courtesy of Danish and English policemen when I was a teen visiting family in Western Europe for extended periods.

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