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Don’t bet on Biden reentering Iran deal

Assuming President Biden demonstrates the fortitude to hold off the extremists in his party, he is not a bad prospect, for the US, for the world, and for Israel.

Trump is in Florida, his new state of residence, licking his largely self-inflicted wounds. Joe Biden of Delaware is president of the United States, or perhaps it would be more accurate to refer to the country he now leads as the Disunited States.

His inaugural address was a model of its kind; centered almost entirely on his number one task as president: reuniting America, now torn apart into warring factions to a greater extent than in any period of history since the run-up to the Civil War (1861-1865). He must combine this immediately with confronting the corona crisis, abominably handled until now by all levels of government, while trying to shore up a fragile economic situation.

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