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EU’s Migrants Ebbing and Swelling

A version of this article was published by Newsmax

With the avalanche of illegal entrants at the U.S. southern border, President Joe Biden must be channeling German Chancellor Angela Merkel. On August 25, 2015, the latter gave a speech inviting the Third World to give her “the tired, the poor.”

Oh, wait. That was Zionist poetess Emma Lazarus writing about Israel-to-be. But the spirit behind the German leader’s invitation appeared similar. But Merkel is no poetess. What about Biden?

The U.S. President is not a poet, either. And he has not actually issued an outright invitation to the teeming masses. Instead, he signaled quite clearly that, first, Trump’s border defense policies were no more. A full retreat from America’s previous stance, in turn, signaled a new quality: the opposite of Trump.

Based upon Democratic rhetoric, most in Honduras, Guatemala, and elsewhere have gathered they were all welcome, in particular the minors and the transgendered. Why bring them here?

We are already swamped with people and have a zillion problems to solve before admitting anyone else. Some, like Michael Anton, claim that this is a part of a progressive scheme to bring in aliens, turn them into clients, and perpetuate the Democratic Party Tammany Hall system forever.

The newcomers will be given free stuff and, thus, they will become reliable Democrat voters. More alien voters also translate into the de-Americanization of America and its morphing into post-America, a woke monstrosity for patriots and a dream come true for the woke.

Is that how it has worked out for Germany, or, should I say, the European Union, which is led out of Berlin?

Well, not quite. Merkel may have sounded like Lazarus, but there were hardheaded considerations behind the invitation of the Middle Eastern, Central Asian, and North African migrants.

First, Europe is dying. Even Poland is below the replacement level. Valiant efforts to stem the lethal trend by Budapest in Warsaw so far have produced mixed results. Financial incentives to have children probably brought some women back home from their workplaces, but the taxpayer-funded subsidies have increased the standard of living of multi-child families rather than resulting in a baby boom. It is even worse in the western part of the European Union.

Thus, Merkel figured she needed fresh blood to pay taxes, work, and service the wealthy but geriatric and emasculated Europeans. Like Barrack Obama, who pointed out that terrorism was, essentially, not a big deal in terms of the volume of people murdered in the West, Merkel similarly acquiesced in migrant pathologies because they did not outweigh the overall putative benefits of foreign youth in the EU.

Further, the trope goes, post-national Europe cares about neither Christian tradition nor Western civilization. Thus, it will be relatively easy for the European Union to dissolve the newcomers in a bath of moral relativism, nihilistic liberalism, critical theory, and the libertine dictatorship of pleasure. Islam will be neutered, just as Christianity was.

Merkel’s cost-benefit analysis thus reckoned that migrant tax and service potential outweighed any downsides to the invitation of mass population transfer. In this context, her supporters agree, occasional terrorist attacks, a spike in the assaults on women, and other pathologies, for instance, grooming perpetrated by Pakistani gangs on underage girls, are just nuisances well worth the price of the alleged cultural enrichment.  Besides, all the quirks will disappear as the European nations melt away and are replaced, or at least augmented, by equally neutered, often Muslim, new citizens of the EU.

So, get used to the anti-Israeli demonstrations, like the ones in Germany now over the Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza. The virulence of the street protests has prompted the Israeli ambassador to ask the Merkel administration to protect the resident Jews there.

Anti-Jewish violence is on the rise in the west of the Old Continent, but not in the Intermarium. It has been safe to wear your yarmulke in Budapest and Warsaw, but not in Paris or Berlin. The same concerns the vandalism of the Jewish cemeteries and other properties, as well as anything from beatings to terrorist attacks. Those take place overwhelmingly where the migrants have settled, so not in the east. For example, in Sweden, the Islamists woo their new cannon fodder openly. The recruits fan out accordingly. The Jewish communities are uncomfortable, to say the least.

And the migrants keep coming. There is no respite in sight. Cyprus is overwhelmed by new arrivals, and its government has imposed a state of emergency. Italy’s Lampedusa has just registered the single largest landing in a long time: 1,200 illegals in multiple vessels, virtually all originating in Libya ( Spain’s Ceuta has further clocked 5,000 arrivals in one day ( Morocco has threatened to send more, just as Turkey does. Nigel Farage of Brexit fame predicts that, this year alone, 20,000 uninvited guests will penetrate Britain’s maritime border.

Most EU political elites are giddy, while the people are markedly less so. In a very recent poll, 71% of the French admitted they have had enough of foreign immigrants. They want the wave to stop. Over 60% of Swedes share the sentiment. The rank-and-file military and police feel the same way. For example, soldiers in Spain shoved migrants back into the sea at least once (

In the southeast of the EU, Greece trembles in fear at Turkey’s blackmail to turn on the spigot with additional unwanted visitors to swell the massive ranks of those who already strain Athens’ meager resources. Bulgaria alarms us about the twelvefold increase of illegal border-crossing attempts by Third World citizens since the beginning of the year. Over six thousand have been intercepted and returned to Greece and Turkey. How many got through?

Migrants will be a big issue in Bulgaria’s snap elections that have been called for July 11. If there is more havoc at the border, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov’s center-right populist GERB party stands to gain. It promises to stem the flow.

This is like in America, albeit on a smaller scale.

Marek Jan Chodakiewicz
Washington, DC, 21 May 2021