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Pundits and Scholars on Jedwabne

A fragment of the introduction to the upcoming book Jedwabne, Historia Prawdziwa, by Tomasz Sommer, Marek Jan Chodakiewicz and Ewa Stankiewicz

On July 10, 1941, outside Germans carried out a massacre of local Jewish population. The crime took place in stages, and no one except the Germans knew that the process would culminate in a horrific mass murder. The occupiers ordered Jews to gather at the marketplace. Simultaneously, the German policemen and military men compelled the local Catholics to participate in escorting and catching these among the adherents of Judaism who failed to obey the order to report in the collection zone.  Once the task was fulfilled, the Catholics were ordered to watch the Jewish people thus assembled. Next, the Germans mass murdered the Jewish inhabitants, most likely in two batches.

The above reconstruction of the crime has failed to penetrate in the West in general and in the United States in particular. Instead, disinformation rules.