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Taiwan’s ‘meaningful participation’

Ironically, October 25, 2021, was a milestone in Taiwan’s “meaningful participation” in the international community. “Ironic” because Taiwan was booted out of the United Nations exactly 50 years before.

Beijing cynically celebrated the same anniversary of the “People’s Republic’s” admission to the United Nations and “the expulsion forthwith of the representatives of Chiang Kai-shek” (蔣介石) with a series of diplomatic soirees and press releases. UN Resolution 2758 of October 25, 1971, was, says China’s foreign ministry, the definitive international recognition of China’s sovereignty over Taiwan. Even China’s top political commentator — Mr. “Zhong Sheng,” (or “鐘聲”, a People’s Daily pseudonym for Politburo-level commentary on foreign affairs) marked the event on October 29 with a blistering screed against the United States for deploying U.S. military training teams to Taiwan and for supporting Taiwan’s “meaningful” participation in international organizations.

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