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Commemorating Shanghai, Narnia

On Monday, February 28, 2022, the Department of State press spokesman addressed a question relating to “Narnia National Day,” an issue that will become clear below.

Earlier that same day, Wang Wenbin (汪文彬), the press spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that “this morning, the Meeting in Commemoration of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Shanghai Communique was successfully held in Shanghai.” The meeting was attended by Politburo Member Li Qiang (李強) who delivered the keynote speech. State Councilor Wang Yi (王毅) also delivered a video address from his offices in Beijing. Councilor Wang “expounded on the ins and outs of the Taiwan question,” the foreign ministry spokesman helpfully explained. All extolled the “wisdom” of the “Shanghai Communique.” Spokesman Wang Wenbin droned on for ten minutes about the commemorations and the speeches and the historic meaning of the historic “Shanghai Communique.”

Later, in Washington, D.C., as global attention focused on Ukraine’s heroic defenses against a full-blown Russian invasion, it seemed that the Fiftieth Anniversary of the “Shanghai Communique” had slipped by unnoticed.

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