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How To Strengthen US Deterrence And Weaken Attempts Of Rival Nuclear Coercion

On February 24, 2022, Russia started the largest European war since 1945 as it intensified its invasion of Ukraine to a new level and threatened escalation to nuclear war. Though Vladimir Putin has not detonated a nuclear weapon, he used, and continues to use, his nuclear arsenal to threaten the United States and other NATO nations against continuing to support Ukraine’s defense. Through pre-invasion nuclear saber-rattling, verbally threatening to employ nuclear weapons on the battlefield, and putting such weapons on alert, Russia caused President Joe Biden and his administration to declare repeatedly their fears of “World War III” and to adopt a gradual, highly cautious approach to helping Ukraine. The White House has chosen to provide only weapons suitable for operations to allow Ukraine to achieve some tactical victories and prevent Russia from a quick and final victory, but this aid does not allow Ukraine to achieve and sustain the military victories necessary to win the war.

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