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NATO summit revealed the US-German partnership of weakness

At the NATO summit in Vilnius, the United States allied itself with Germany, the greatest appeaser of the Western alliance. As a result, there were no breakthroughs in the decisions of the summit despite promising pronouncements going on for months. The overwhelming goal of the summit seemed to be the prevention of any possibility of escalation with Russia. This is a constant goal throughout the war. William Burns, head of the CIA, is regularly meeting with Sergey Naryshkin, head of Russian intelligence, to discuss escalation, or what Russians would consider escalation.

Diplomatically, it was widely expected that Ukraine would receive a clear invitation that it will be admitted to NATO after the war ends, a timeline, and security arrangements until that goal is reached. All countries in NATO agreed to it, except for Germany and the U.S., and they prevailed. What Ukraine got instead was a list of conditions to fulfill and guarantees, which are largely a repeat of the disastrous Bucharest memorandum of 2008. Not only Ukraine was dismayed.

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