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To Save Gaza, Destroy Hamas

In the new Gaza War, it is vital to remember that Gaza is not the problem; terrorism is.

Israel’s war strategy must be focused on removing the root cause of the conflict. According to Palestinian radicals, American progressives, and other Zionophobes, the root cause is “occupation,” which can only be solved through “decolonization.” This is their standard talking point and all they want to talk about. But it’s hard to explain how decolonization includes butchering hundreds of unarmed young revelers at a love and peace music festival or any of the other atrocities perpetrated over the weekend.

Plus, their rationale is factually and legally flawed. The Gaza border was established as part of the 1949 Egypt-Israel Armistice Agreement. The border is the same type of “green line” that defines other Palestinian territorial claims. The only way to argue that Israeli cities outside Gaza are “occupied territory” is if you believe that Israel has no right to exist at all. Conveniently, this is also the Hamas platform.

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