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Cold War Strategy for Genuine Peace with China

This article by Dr. John Lenczowski was published in The Intelligencer, a journal of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers, in the Winter/Spring 2024 edition.

Executive Summary:

U.S. foreign policy has consistently attempted to address symptoms rather than the causes of tension with China. The resultant policies of engagement depend on a failure to recognize the reality of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Cold War actions against us. A relaxation of tensions cannot take place without a relaxation of concerns – but the engagers either dismiss those concerns or censor themselves about the realities of CCP domestic and foreign policies.

U.S. policy has adopted some defensive policies and must adopt more. But what is missing is a sustained offensive strategy designed to eliminate the true cause of tension: the totalitarian and aggressive nature of the CCP.

Such a goal, which the current Administration abjures, necessitates utilizing various neglected instruments of statecraft: public diplomacy, political and ideological warfare, and psychological strategy. It requires identifying and undermining the CCP regime’s “center of gravity” which is its internal security system. The nucleus of that system is its monopoly of communications and information alongside its Marxist-Leninist ideology with Chinese characteristics. U.S. policy must help break that monopoly and, in the process, seek the sympathy of, and alliance with, the Chinese people to assist them in their efforts to hear truth in the face of the official lies of the regime, communicate with one another, and demand and realize political change.

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