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Theory The field of Political Science is divided into four parts. First, and fundamental, is “Theory,” the study of thoughts, ideas, theses, and analyses of politics as it has evolved from ancient times to today. Theory (“Philosophy”) is fundamental since it provides the origins (and results) of all political movements that have graced the earth…

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Will China save Iran?

With Iran’s regime on the ropes, China sees an opportunity, which for Israel translates into a threat. In recent weeks a series of explosions and fires have spread throughout much of Iran, damaging multiple facilities, including the Natanz nuclear facility and the missile construction center. At the same time, the coronavirus pandemic has hit Iran…

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To Deter War with China, Defend Guam

This tiny but mighty western Pacific island U.S. territory—part of our homeland—six thousand miles from the coast of California, is indispensable to the United States. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) seeks to supplant the United States as the global preeminent power. In doing so, the communist regime would use various forms of coercion to force…

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U.S. satellites increasingly vulnerable to China’s ground-based lasers

Of the world’s 50 satellite laser ranging stations, five fixed stations are in Shanghai, Changchun, Beijing, Wuhan and Kuming. The Defense Intelligence Agency warned in January 2019 that China likely will field in 2020 a ground-based laser weapon that can counter low-orbit space-based sensors. By the mid-to-late 2020s it may field higher power systems that could damage…

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Ukraine’s Policy on Minorities Still in the Making

Ukraine is a post-Soviet society in search of a strong national identity. Therefore, its national minorities policy is a project in the making. While avowedly upholding in theory the equality of all citizens before law, Kyiv tends to differentiate between various minorities. It approaches them in congruence with its perceived interests and the needs of…

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A Meaningless Jeremiad Presaging Armageddon

In a recent article for The International Economy, IWP professor Dr. Norman Bailey reviewed The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power by Shoshana Zuboff. Read the article at The International Economy

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Vince Lombardi (left) and Packers quarterback Bart Starr pose together holding a football.

The Only Game in Town

When asked about “winning,” legendary football coach Vince Lombardi replied, “it’s not just the most important question, it’s the only one.” Winning If asked about American foreign policy today, what would be a comparable answer? What is “winning” to America in the world? Undoubtedly, the answers would be as different and as contentious as the…

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Diverse hands holding each other

Division, Diversity, Unity

The first two words overlap and have a common understanding in the colloquial sense. But in the American popular culture there is a distinction, whereas division implies separation (“portion,” “piece,” “unit”) diversity implies variety within a whole (“assortment,” “heterogeneity”). By any definition, however, both words are the exact opposite of “unity,” best defined by its…

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Revenge of the Neo-Jacobins

Some mock America’s statue-smashers as ignoramuses who do not know what they are doing or why. But there are very good reasons why we see monuments cast down all over the West, including the United States. Let’s not wave this off as mindless stupidity. The radical rule is that the more you destroy, the more you…

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