Battle of Ascalon engraving

Crusader State

Policy Periods: Isolationism and Internationalism In his classic 1997 study on American foreign policies, Walter McDougall (University of Pennsylvania) divides the subject into old and new “testaments,” between the time when the country was young and weak and since it became a global power (Promised Land, Crusader State). Both time periods were derived from the…

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Poland: President Duda Survives Round One

This just in: On June 28, 2020, 19.4 million (64.5%) out of 30 million Polish citizens cast their votes in what turns out to be round one of the nation’s presidential election. The incumbent moderate President Andrzej Duda won 43.5% or 8.45 million votes. The liberal runner up Andrzej Trzaskowskim took 30.5% or 5.9 million.…

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Prague: Ivan Down, Mary Up

With statues being toppled left and right in the U.S. and Western Europe, the Czechs have also joined the battle of monuments. Theirs, however, is not an Antifa- or BLM-driven effort. To the contrary. The Czech brand of iconoclasm is anti-Communist and pro-Christian. In Prague, they restored one of Saint Mary, and took down one…

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The Revolution Accelerates Again

The revolution accelerates occasionally, inflicting on us war, disease, famine, and destruction, only to seemingly recoil and retract its merciless claws from Christian civilization. Then it simmers and bides its time. Sometimes it even goes into hibernation, reinventing itself into a variety of putative new forms. This is the case here and now, but it’s…

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A Finnish Maxim M-32 machine gun nest during the Winter War, Photo courtesy of the Military Museum of Finland

Whose death camps, Mr. Putin?

This article was also published by Newsmax.  Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has finally picked on someone his own size: Finland. His officials have virtually accused the Finns of genocide of Soviet civilians in “concentration camps,” allegedly complete with gas chambers, during the Second World War. It is charged that some 8,000 died, including children. This…

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Can the Intra-Afghan Negotiations Yield Lasting Peace?

This article was written by IWP student Arash Yaqin. Even after almost half a century of conflict, Afghanistan has ranked first out of the ten must-watch conflicts for 2020 by the International Crisis Group. Today, the fate of Afghanistan’s system of government is at stake at the negotiating table with the Taliban, which is looking to reinstate the Islamic…

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Israel will annex nothing

Applying “annexation” to what is legitimately its own territory is just another example of poor Israeli public diplomacy. Israel will annex nothing because it cannot–it does not occupy territory once part of another country. The use of the word “annexation” by the Israeli government is simply another indication of the fact that Israel never misses…

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The Public Health Crisis as a Disruptive Creative Force

An Analysis by the Rennes School of Business Research Lab With the help of France’s most internationally diverse management team, the Rennes School of Business Research Lab has spent the last few months focusing on the impact of the current public health crisis. Through their analysis of 24 contemporary studies, 49 academics are shedding unique…

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CODENAME: WALLFLOWER — The Guy Liddell Diaries

The codename was “WALLFLOWER” and according to noted British military historian Nigel West, it was the “most treasured possession” of the British Security Service. When finally released to the world in 2007 after decades under lock and key in the MI-5 director – general’s office safe, World War II and Cold War historians around the…

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