Dr. Alberto M. Piedra is a Professor Emeritus at IWP. He is Former U.S. Ambassador to Guatemala and Former Chairman, Department of Economics and Business at The Catholic University of America.
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An Example of a Radical Chic

A few years ago whilst we were spending the summer at my daughter’s home in the Hamptons in Long Island, my son in law, Peter Robison, and my eldest daughter Edita Maria hosted a dinner in honor of the well-known writer Tom Wolfe, who is an innovator, journalist, and prolific critical writer who did not…

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The Endemic Challenge of Corruption

“How explain the fact that these calamities have befallen Rome at the hands of certain Christian emperors? Simply by denying the fact. It was not the Christianity of the emperors which brought ruin upon the Empire, rather, it was the vices within the Empire itself.”

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Felicite De La Mennais and the founding of L’Avenir

The prayer of the Pater Noster:  “Thy kingdom come.”  As the great French scholar and historian H. Rops reminds us: “Maybe there was much illusion there; perhaps he aimed too high in seeking to bring down the Kingdom of God to earth, and too low in claiming to establish by temporal means that kingdom which…

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