An adjunct professor at IWP, Christopher C. Hull is Senior Fellow at Americans for Intelligence Reform and President of Issue Management Inc. Full bio

America’s enemy is Iran, not National Guardsmen

The Biden inauguration proceeded peacefully, in spite of one House Democrat’s charge that three-quarters of America’s National Guardsmen “might want to do something” to interfere. Congress should focus on actual enemies of America, like Iran. Since the 2020 election, Tehran greeted Mr. Biden with muscle flexing, seeing a “golden opportunity” to confront America. Iran’s supreme leader, referring…

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Is Biden’s Team Rooting for Red China?

What if the real winner of November’s presidential election was Red China? China apparently sees it that way. Its Global Times mouthpiece rejoiced that Joe Biden had selected “a group of ‘elites’” who would be “very ‘predictable’ in foreign policy with a multilateral mind-set.” A prominent Chinese professor, in a now-purged speech, lamented China’s loss of influence during Donald Trump’s presidency –…

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Democrats’ path to losing House majority runs through Tehran

Voters are likely to recoil from Biden’s inclination to rejoin the Iran nuclear deal President-elect Joe Biden caving to Iran — again — will put Republican leader Kevin McCarthy on a glidepath to retaking the House. Mr. Biden bluntly blusters, “the last [expletive] thing we need in that part of the world is a buildup of nuclear capability.” Yet,…

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