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John J. Tierney Jr. is a Professor Emeritus at IWP and Former Special Assistant and Foreign Affairs Officer for the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency.
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Concepts of World Politics

All the “Social Sciences” have certain “concepts” that identify, clarify, or define their social/political boundaries and separate them from their competitors. The world of sociology, for example, will use concepts such as race, tribe, nation, etc. that dominate its own field; economics and political science do the same, etc. This doesn’t mean that the various…

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Destroyed building in Kyiv

The Road to War

In effect, the U.S. is at war with Russia now and has been since the first shipment of aid to Ukraine arrived. There is no military action between the two, no declaration of war, but effectively we are with one side in a war. This has a number of historic precedents, and we should learn…

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Better Red Than Dead

Please note that the views expressed by our faculty members do not necessarily reflect the views of The Institute of World Politics. The title herein was once a widely-used slogan throughout the political globe to distinguish those who might rather live under Communism than die fighting it. While the phrase itself is outdated it shows,…

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Will America Ever Lead… Again?

The word “again” is included in the title since this country (USA) was once referred to as a “superpower” after the end of the Cold War (1991) but has since relinquished that title either by choice or by chance. If by choice means deliberation: that both political leaders and the population have chosen to concentrate…

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