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John J. Tierney Jr. is a Professor Emeritus at IWP and Former Special Assistant and Foreign Affairs Officer for the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency.
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To Lose a Country

The title is taken from the third volume of Alistair Horne’s trilogy on French-German relations (wars) between 1870 and 1940. France lost two and won the middle (1918), but, in the last (1940), France, in effect, lost itself, i.e. its “country.” What does the loss of “country” imply and does it occur every time a…

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Abraham Lincoln's second inaugural address

The Top Ten Inaugurals

Above: Abraham Lincoln’s second inaugural address Inaugurations Probably the most important speech ever given by any President of the United States was his first official one. While all the subsequent addresses, some in the thousands, related to situations, circumstances, and events, the Inaugural Address has an importance that is all its own. Not only does…

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Guilty As Charged

Guilt The quality of being “guilty” is a pervasive accusation, whether true or not, that can have a powerful effect on the behavior of anything so charged, be it individuals or nations. The precise definition of the term is “feelings of deserving blame for imagined offensives or from a sense of inadequacy.” Synonyms are “contrition,…

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Abraham Lincoln Statue


“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” – Abraham Lincoln, 1858 Lincoln Lincoln first brought up the danger of “a house divided” when he announced it “cannot stand” in the 1858 Senate debate in Illinois. Although he was referring to slavery, the analogy is timeless and universal and has been proven accurate in countless situations,…

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Acceptance and Rejection

Words have meaning. To misuse a word or an expression may turn around the entire content of what one is trying to relate. Precision in language, written or vocal, is often scrutinized carefully so as not to convey a wrong impression. Political Words In world politics, examples of such confusion are legion. During the Cold…

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Spiral Galaxy

Outer Space: The Last Frontier

Hope Presidents are prone to elevate their policies to the highest levels, using words, “great,” “new,” etc. to advertise how unique they are going to be in the world. Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy introduced us to a “New Deal” and “New Frontier,” respectively, and now Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez (AOC to us) has added…

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