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John J. Tierney Jr. is a Professor Emeritus at IWP and Former Special Assistant and Foreign Affairs Officer for the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency.
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Peace Needs Policies, Not Wishes

In my many terms as a member of the U.S. delegation at the 40-nation Conference on Disarmament (CD), held annually in Geneva, we grew accustomed to a favorite accusation on the failure to achieve a lasting peace. If a resolution failed to achieve a majority, the sponsors would invariably decry the incapacity of “some member-states”…

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One World?

The election of Donald Trump in 2016 and the recent election of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister of Great Britain has emphasized a fact which many have thought was either outdated or irrelevant in an age of mass communication and “globalization.” The resurgence of nationalism that has been promoted by Trump’s “MAGA” campaign and by…

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Trump Needs a Doctrine

Few presidents, if any, have been so vilified in the mass media and by the political opposition as Donald Trump. To be sure, much of this is self-inflicted, what with his incessant “tweets,” poor language, rude behavior, “business”-type personality and overall demeanor. While this may seem to some as superficial and personalist, to his opponents,…

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Boris and Donald: Blondes Have More Fun

The recent electoral victory of Boris Johnson in Britain ensures that, with some certainty, both countries will be led by men who share more in common than a similar and unique investment in political democracy (“never Trumpers” notwithstanding). Not only do they share some common personality traits, plus similar impulses toward nationalistic isolation but, more…

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Why Commemorate Pearl Harbor?

Nearly eighty years ago, the United States suffered one of the most disastrous moments in its history when Japan decimated the naval and air fleet sitting in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. As President Roosevelt told it to Congress the next day, the attack by hundreds of carrier-based planes was “a day which will live in infamy”…

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How New Will the Better World Be?

In 1943, historian Carl Becker ended his long and distinguished career at Cornell with a little book with this title. Becker’s purpose was to dispel any post-war sentiment that the end of Hitler and Tojo would magically bring forth a new “world order” resplendent with peace, prosperity, and “justice for all.” The high hopes at…

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At War with the World

The current crisis over Syria against Turkey on behalf of the Kurds may be a bit distant to most Americans. That, however, does not prevent many of them to view the situation with the utmost intensity and dire warnings, either opposed to the administration or in favor. But it really makes little difference. The “Foreignness”…

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