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Cultural Intelligence for Winning the Peace

In this anthology, a score of experts in counterinsurgency warfare, cultural anthropology, and strategic communications look at ways in which the study of foreign cultures and cultural phenomena may be used by policymakers, peacekeepers, soldiers, intelligence officers, and diplomats. Exploring areas from HUMINT to information operations, this book presents a modern approach to the ancient…

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Why America is Such a Hard Sell

Why does America consistently receive such low ratings in opinion polls around the world? The answer, as Pilon explains, lies not just in America’s overtly forceful actions but in the construction and presentation of its self-image. Scholars and policymakers alike will find Why America Is Such a Hard Sell both a penetrating analysis of America’s…

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Every Vote Counts

“Every Vote Counts carries an underlying message that democracy is attainable on every continent and can help make the world a more peaceful and humane place….. Read this book, reflect on it, learn from it, and use it as you go forward to help return the power to determine a nation’s future to its own people.”

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Hope beyond that hatred

In the little town of Jedwabne, nestled in the heart of Poland, all the Jewish inhabitants- mainly old people, women, and children-were rounded up and burned alive by a group of German policemen and Polish townsfolk on July 10, 1941.No one knows exactly how many Jews were killed, but the best guess is around 300.…

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