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Foreign embassy professional benefits from Cyber Intelligence Initiative program at IWP

IWP’s Cyber Intelligence Initiative (Ci2) comprises a series of lectures and skill-building workshops that help individuals understand the relationship between cyberspace and intelligence, counterintelligence, and national security. An assistant defense and naval attaché at a foreign embassy, “Brian,”* is the first person to have completed the entire program. Brian came to the program with a…

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Prof. Al Santoli

Prof. Al Santoli teaches cultural intelligence and its applications

Albert Santoli, founder and president of the non-profit Asia America Initiative (AAI), uses his extensive professional experience as a basis for the courses he teaches at IWP: Peace, Strategy, and Conflict Resolution (IWP 625), Cultural Intelligence for Strategy and Analysis (IWP 640), and Counterterrorism through Cultural Engagement and Development (IWP 670). His unique background informs…

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