Matthew Daniels is Chair of Law and Human Rights and Founder of the Center for Human Rights and International Affairs at IWP. Full bio

Lighting a candle for humanity online

For an off-year election, turnout at the polls this week was high. But the lack of a decisive victory for one side or the other portends at least two more years of hyperbolic rhetoric, demonization of our opponents and a lot of partisan loathing.

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Resisting Iranian extremism

Iran seems to be a perpetual case of the good, the bad and the ugly. Ugly is the regime, an extremist sectarian system that has caused untold misery to its own people and others. Bad is the challenge of dealing with a potential Iranian nuclear weapon.

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Winning Without War

One day soon the world will hopefully see the end of the carnage in Syria. But as important as this military victory will be in the struggle against ISIS, the real war against the idea virus of Islamist extremism will continue.

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