Norman A. Bailey is a Professor of Economics and National Security at IWP and Former Senior Director of International Economic Affairs with the White House National Security Council.
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Iran: It will be no deal or a bad deal

When Secretary of State John Kerry hobbles into the meeting room on June 30th with his colleagues from Great Britain, Germany, France, China and Russia for the latest of their “negotiations” with the Iranians, which have now stretched on for a year and a half, he will be facing a situation that has become even…

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Syria breaking up – Lebanon next?

The already extremely complex Middle East may be on the verge of becoming even more so. At this point, the Sh’ia northern arc of Iran, Iraq, Assad and Hezbollah is in confrontation with the southern Sunni arc of Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States (with the partial exception of Qatar).

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Putin Throws a Spanner Into the Works

Following the unsigned non-agreement on the contents of which no-one agrees in Lausanne, declared “historic” by President Obama (which it surely is, in the sense that the 1938 Munich agreement and the 1994 North Korean agreement were historic), President Putin of Russia has reversed the 2010 decision on the part of Russia to not sell…

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