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Norman A. Bailey is a Professor of Economics and National Security at IWP and Former Senior Director of International Economic Affairs with the White House National Security Council.
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Israel and the next world war

Forecasts about a coming world war don’t stand up to scrutiny, and the dangers to Israel in any case lie elsewhere. Earlier this year, retired U.S. Admiral James Stavridis and his co-author published a book called 2034: A Novel About the Next World War. It immediately became a best-seller. This very well-written thriller chronicles a…

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The truth about disinformation

Factual refutation is helpless against deliberate disinformation. We need different tactics against this plague of our time. Of the many scourges the world is currently subject to, one of the worst is the proliferation through modern means of communication, of highly dangerous disinformation. First, some definitions: information is the communication of what is purported to…

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The miraculous Biden

The failures of Joe Biden’s administration so far make even Donald Trump look good – a miracle if ever there was one. Recently, a friend referred to President Biden as a “miracle worker.” When queried as to what he meant, he replied, “Every day, he makes Trump look better and better. If that isn’t miraculous,…

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Cognitive dissonance in the USA

All seems well, but one hears dire predictions on every side. Psychologists have a concept they call “cognitive dissonance”. It refers to those occasions when one of the senses is signaling one thing and another of the senses is signaling the opposite. An example would be something that smells bad but tastes delicious. In a…

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The road ahead

The new government will have its hands full with immediate problems, but fundamental reforms are also urgent. “His downfall…resulted from the smallness of a big leader who knew so much about history, economics and diplomacy, and so little about people, justice and trust.” Amotz Asa-El, Jerusalem Post, June 4, 2021. When (and if) the new…

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Israel’s perfect storm

The disasters that have befallen Israel in the past two years all point to the absolute necessity of forming a functioning government. Israel entered 2019 feeling very good about itself and the world in general. The economy was great, it was making historical diplomatic advances, its relations with the US couldn’t have been better, and…

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Israel on the edge

The loss of life at Meron brings home the wider dangers Israel faces in the absence of a functioning government. The disaster at Meron demonstrated the extreme irresponsibility of the participants, but also the equally extreme irresponsibility of the authorities. This is just another example of the growing dangers involved in the fact that Israel…

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Joe Biden and Israel

After just two and a half months, it is clear that, for Israel, the Biden administration will be a repeat of the Obama administration. It is only two and a half months since Joe Biden was inaugurated president of the United States, but it is already clear that, as far as the Middle East in…

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