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Norman A. Bailey is a Professor of Economics and National Security at IWP and Former Senior Director of International Economic Affairs with the White House National Security Council.
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A third front?

The weakness of the government in Jordan could lead to very difficult situations for Israel. One of the many reasons the upcoming election in Israel is so important is a factor that has been largely overlooked–increasing instability in Jordan. Read more at Globes

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The world won’t wait

Pressing foreign policy matters mean Israel needs a strong, stable government after the election. Well, Israelis will be going to the polling places yet again in a couple of weeks. There is a tendency to emphasize the importance of the election for domestic reasons: Yes Bibi no Bibi; are the Haredim part of the Israeli…

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Servants of the Devil book cover

Servants of the Devil: The Facilitators of the Criminal and Terrorist Networks

Since the end of the Cold War, liberal capitalism has spread worldwide without any significant ideological rivalry, characterized by the frenetic search for an ever-increasing return on capital and constantly-increasing profits, a generalized un-concern for the moral values of liberalism, and for social inequalities and human misery. The book, Servants of the Devil: The Facilitators of…

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Middle East gains clarity

The Western-oriented alliance has largely improved its position in 2020; avoiding war with Iran will be the main challenge of 2021. Ever since the final collapse of the Ottoman Empire in World War I, the Middle East has become increasingly complex from the geopolitical standpoint, until very recently. It is still the playground of internal…

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Israel’s Turkish conundrum

Israel needs to confront Turkish neo-imperialism, but is economically and politically hamstrung. Among its many other insidious effects, the coronavirus crisis is complicating various aspects of Israeli foreign relations. Prior to the outbreak of the pandemic, the Israeli economy was in excellent shape, with good GNP and export growth, low unemployment, low inflation, and healthy…

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