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Norman A. Bailey is a Professor of Economics and National Security at IWP and Former Senior Director of International Economic Affairs with the White House National Security Council.
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Hezbollah’s dilemma

With its grip on Lebanon suddenly in doubt, Hezbollah will have to think more than twice before launching an assault on Israel. The gigantic series of explosions which destroyed the port of Beirut and severely damaged much of the rest of the city has, of course, been extensively commented upon. I don’t presume to know…

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Will China save Iran?

With Iran’s regime on the ropes, China sees an opportunity, which for Israel translates into a threat. In recent weeks a series of explosions and fires have spread throughout much of Iran, damaging multiple facilities, including the Natanz nuclear facility and the missile construction center. At the same time, the coronavirus pandemic has hit Iran…

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Scaring people to death

Coronavirus lockdowns will themselves cause fatalities. There are braver and better approaches. This newspaper has published the comments of Prof. Yoram Lass, who was Director-General of the Ministry of Health when that government department was headed by people competent in the area which they were in charge of administering. Prof. Lass indicated that due to…

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