Thomas Flichy de La Neuville is a Research Professor at IWP. He is currently serving as the Chair of Geopolitics at the Rennes School of Business. Full bio

Jan Brueghel the Elder - Battle of Gaugamela

Desperate Offensives on the Horizon

Above: The Battle of Gaugamela, by Jan Brueghel the Elder Before collapsing, declining empires often give themselves a respite in the form of a Saint Martin’s summer. This quiet period is usually followed by a desperate offensive. This movement will bring about a brutal collapse if it fails, but if by chance it succeeds, then…

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The Public Health Crisis as a Disruptive Creative Force

An Analysis by the Rennes School of Business Research Lab With the help of France’s most internationally diverse management team, the Rennes School of Business Research Lab has spent the last few months focusing on the impact of the current public health crisis. Through their analysis of 24 contemporary studies, 49 academics are shedding unique…

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The plague of Florence in 1348, as described in Boccaccio's Wellcome

Righting the Economy after an Epidemic: Lessons from History

Do previous epidemics help us to prepare for the future? These various historical incidents are highly instructive when we consider the key difference between, for example, the Plague which struck in the mid-14th century or cholera outbreak of the 19th century and COVID-19. What makes the latter distinct is that, despite intensive media reporting, mortality…

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Janus-Faced Diplomacies

Thomas Flichy de La Neuville is a Research Professor at IWP and a Doctor of Research (with French Agrégation qualification) in History and Geopolitics Chair at the Rennes School of Business. The art of diplomacy is founded on ambiguity.[1] Foreign policy is rarely enacted singlehandedly. Duets are infinitely more effective. As such, an official representative…

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When Paul Valéry Imagined Hacking the Human Brain

In his interwar work Les regards sur le monde actuel (1962), Paul Valéry intuits that civilization would one day enter a new era following the triumph of technology over contemplation. For Valéry (who worked as a clerk in the French War Ministry), an intelligence-disrupting regime had already been established by fraudulent intellectuals who disconnected thought…

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Digitalizing the World: The Era of Invisible Power

Thomas Flichy de La Neuville is an IWP Research Professor and the Chair of Geopolitics at the Rennes School of Business. It is clear that digitalizing the world, which interconnects people and equipment, represents a major transition within our civilization. It is changing the ways in which power is exercised, partly concealing it from public…

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