Thomas Flichy de La Neuville is a Research Professor at IWP. He is currently serving as the Chair of Geopolitics at the Rennes School of Business. Full bio

The future of NATO and historical precedents

The strength of an extended military confederation lies much less in its accumulated power than in the clarity of its strategic line. Unable to agree on a common strategy, the Holy League, created on 25 May 1571, was plagued by rivalry until Pius V clarified its limited goals while rationalizing its military command. Now, we…

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Wandering Across Tehran

I was seized on the descent of my plane by an acrid smell that reminded me that I was in Teheran, that miserable city with its oily breath. After having waited for an hour in the company of an Italian carpet buyer and a German on a commercial mission, I headed to the street, entertained…

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