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IWP Welcomes Belmont Abbey College Students & Alumni

Pursue a Global Career in National Security

The Institute of World Politics is a graduate school of national security, intelligence, and international affairs.

Elevate Your Career at IWP

As a Belmont Abbey College student or alumnus, you have the unique opportunity to build upon your education and values by pursuing a graduate degree in national security, intelligence, and diplomacy at The Institute of World Politics (IWP) in Washington, D.C.

Fall 2024 Application Deadline: June 15

Continue Your Journey in the Pursuit of Truth and Justice

Belmont Abbey College and IWP share a deep commitment to the defense of truth, justice, and the Western moral tradition. By choosing IWP for your graduate studies, you will continue your journey in upholding these values and prepare to make a meaningful impact in the world of international affairs.

IWP’s graduate programs offer a seamless transition from your Belmont Abbey education, providing you with the practical knowledge and skills needed to excel in national security, intelligence, and diplomacy. Learn from experienced practitioners and world-class faculty in an environment that values your Belmont Abbey College foundation.

Washington, D.C.: Your Launchpad for a Global Career

Studying at IWP places you at the heart of Washington, D.C., home to key government institutions and influential organizations. This strategic location offers unparalleled networking opportunities and access to valuable resources, enabling you to launch your global career in national security, intelligence, and diplomacy.

washington dc at night

Exclusive Benefits for Belmont Abbey College Students & Alumni

Thanks to the partnership between IWP and Belmont Abbey College, you will enjoy exclusive benefits to help you succeed in your graduate studies and career:

Guaranteed Scholarships: If accepted within IWP admissions guidelines, you will receive a $2,200 scholarship per semester for in-person M.A. programs, in addition to the opportunity for IWP merit-based scholarships.

Tuition Reduction: Benefit from a reduced tuition rate of $500 per credit hour for IWP’s distance programs, a significant reduction from the standard $650 rate.

Early Assurance: Apply on (or after) April 30th of your third year of college for early assurance of your place in IWP’s M.A. programs.

Priority Internship Consideration: Belmont Abbey students and alumni will receive priority consideration for IWP’s internship program, providing valuable hands-on experience in the field.

Master the Art of Statecraft with World-Class Education

At IWP, you’ll gain invaluable insights from our esteemed faculty, who have held leadership positions in organizations such as the FBI, CIA, and State Department. Our interdisciplinary curriculum, hands-on experience, and practical training will empower you to excel in the competitive fields of intelligence, diplomacy, and national security.

Tim Stebbins, Vice President of Graduate Recruitment at IWP, emphasized the importance of the partnership: “IWP’s central mission of educating the next generation of leadership in intelligence, diplomacy, and national security is greatly strengthened by this endeavor, as is our mutual commitment to American values and their defense.”

By the numbers

Launch Your
Global Career

Our graduates are already serving at the highest levels of the State Department, Defense Department and other executive branch intelligence agencies. We provide a useful education to help you excel in your career and get the desk you deserve.
of our graduates get jobs
in their field of interest
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We meet with every student to map out a desired career path and strategy to craft you into the most competitive candidate possible
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Where IWP Graduates Work

Office of Naval Intelligence

Department of Homeland Security

Central Intelligence Agency

US Department of Defense

Department of State

What Our Graduates Do

Intelligence Analyst
Foreign Policy Analyst
National Security Analyst
Diplomatic Officer
Counterterrorism Specialist

Political Risk Consultant
Security Policy Advisor
International Relations Specialist
Defense Policy Analyst
Cyber Intelligence Analyst

Military Strategist
Strategic Communications Specialist
Humanitarian Aid Worker
Policy Researcher
Government Affairs Specialist

“Belmont Abbey College is happy to partner with The Institute for World Politics and expand opportunities for our students to build on their education with us. Our mission hopes for our students to be ‘a blessing for themselves and others,’ and those called to careers in international affairs will find that developing their skills at IWP will build on what they’ve received at BAC in a host of ways.”

Dr. David William

Belmont Abbey College’s Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty


The Institute’s unique courses offer specialized professional education not available anywhere. All courses enhance students’ capacity to understand and address major current issues. Students frequently learn from their classmates, some of whom are officials in agencies of the U.S. and foreign governments. They often receive career advice from, and establish valuable contacts with, fellow students, their professors, and guest lecturers.

Your desk is waiting.

Ready to take your seat?

Belmont Abbey College graduates who have pursued their education at IWP have gone on to excel in their careers, making a difference in the world of international affairs. As a Belmont Abbey College student or alumnus, you have the chance to follow in their footsteps and make a lasting impact on the world stage.

Take the first step towards a successful career in national security, intelligence, and diplomacy by leveraging the unique partnership between IWP and Belmont Abbey College. Enroll in IWP’s graduate programs today and unlock a world of opportunities!

Fall 2024 Application Deadline: June 15