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Covering the Intifada

A pathbreaking study of both electronic and print coverage by the elite U.S. media during the second Palestinian uprising against Israel. The author assesses the charge of media bias and discusses whether the Fourth Estate has lived up to its claim to provide an informed, accurate, and dispassionate “first draft” of history.

Subtitle: How the Media Reported the Palestinian Uprising
Publisher: Washington Institute for Near East Policy
Date: July 2003
Page Count: 125
  1. Sharon Visits the Temple Mount
  2. Barak’s Ultimatum
  3. The Ramallah Lynching
  4. The Sharm al-Shaykh Summit
  5. The Election of Sharon
  6. The Gaza Incursion
  7. The Dolphinarium
  8. The Karine-A
  9. The Powell Mission