No God, No Civilization What does the world get from God? What does the world lose when it loses reason? For centuries, an aggressive secularism has fought to occupy the place once held by religion in Western society. Its intellectual leaders are ambitious. Their goal is to remove God from public discourse and then from memory. While they claimed that godlessness would bring about an era of peace, it brought history’s bloodiest century instead. Civic institutions founded on Judeo-Christian principles began to crumble apart from them. Firm and commonly held ideas — about rights, duties, and dignity — have vanished when their divine origin was denied. Alberto Martinez Piedra, a respected scholar and former U.S. ambassador, tells the intellectual story of our time in a sweeping overview that places the New Atheism in its proper context and valiantly upholds the greatness and incomparable richness of the Judeo-Christian tradition. Sir Winston Churchill said in 1948: “Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it.” This book aims to help opinion leaders and policymakers of today avoid the tragic mistakes of the past. 

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