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Why America is Such a Hard Sell

Why does America consistently receive such low ratings in opinion polls around the world? The answer, as Pilon explains, lies not just in America’s overtly forceful actions but in the construction and presentation of its self-image. Scholars and policymakers alike will find Why America Is Such a Hard Sell both a penetrating analysis of America’s…

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Every Vote Counts

“Every Vote Counts carries an underlying message that democracy is attainable on every continent and can help make the world a more peaceful and humane place….. Read this book, reflect on it, learn from it, and use it as you go forward to help return the power to determine a nation’s future to its own people.”

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Chasing Ghosts

The turbulent occupation of Iraq has once again embroiled the United States military in an unconventional war. Chasing Ghosts is a study of unconventional warfare in American military history and its implications for the present and future.

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The Massacre in Jedwabne

On July 10, 1941, the Jewish inhabitants in the small Polish town of Jedwabne were massacred by German policemen and some Polish townsmen and peasants. Chodakiewicz provides us with a criminal investigation of this mass murder. In this detailed study of a small area in Poland, Chodakiewicz examines the conditions that led to the heinous…

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Dismantling Tyranny

Dismantling Tyranny is the first significant study of how new democracies handled the legacy of the secret police of the previous totalitarian regimes. Edited by Ilan Berman of the American Foreign Policy Council and IWP Annenberg Professor J. Michael Waller, Dismantling Tyranny contains chapters that study the cases of the Czech Republic, Estonia, the former East Germany, Lithuania, Nicaragua,…

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War Footing

Professor Waller was the principal author of the chapters on political warfare and hemispheric security. “This is the book the enemy doesn’t want you to read…. We ARE in a war for our survival. War Footing is a blueprint to not just survive this threat, but vanquish it.” – Monica Crowley, MSNBC.

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The Future of the United Nations: Understanding the Past to Chart a Way Forward

Rocked by scandal and divided by the smoldering enmities unleashed by the Iraq war, the United Nations faces its most critical hour. The secretary general and other leaders have offered their recipes for reform; in The Future of the United Nations, Joshua Muravchik argues that only far more radical reforms can salvage the UN as…

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