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Research before Conclusion:
The Problems of Shock Therapy in Jedwabne

The anthology was published by Fronda Publishers in Poland in response to Jan Gross’s controversial book Neighbors. When faced with serious criticism, Gross and his supporters resorted to the argument that the book’s main contribution lay in its “shock value.” The readers should disregard the (numerous) shortcomings, they asserted. What mattered was the therapeutic shock capable of reshaping the Poles’ self-image and, by extension, their identity. Here Prof. Chodakiewicz addressed the grave flaws of a consequenialist, purely agenda-driven approach.

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Marek Jan Chodakiewicz, „Kłopoty z kuracją szokową” (“Problems with Shock Therapy”), in Jedwabne. Spór historyków wokół książki Jana T. Grossa „Sąsiedzi.” Wybór artykułów (Jedwabne: The Historical Controversy Surrounding Jan T. Gross’s Book Neighbors. An Anthology of Articles) (Warsaw: Fronda, 2002).