In this extensive volume edited by Brian D. Dailey and Patrick J. Parker, John J. Dziak explores the organizational and operational tradition of Soviet deception in the opening section of this 24-chapter book. John Lenczowski discusses the themes of Soviet strategic deception and disinformation, historically and in the years that would soon spell the end of the USSR. Their works hold up to historical scrutiny and in many ways remain relevant to the study of present-day Russian diplomatic, military, and intelligence issues.

Other contributors to Soviet Strategic Deception include: Andrew W. Marshall, Richards J. Heuer, Jr., Arnold Beichman, Robert Bathurst, Robert Conquest, Uri Ra’anan, Kerry M. Kartchner, William R. Harris, Richard F. Staar, Notra Trulock III, Clifford Reid, Steven Rosefielde, Joseph D. Douglass, Jr., David S. Yost, David Blair, Avigdor Haselkorn, Leon Sloss, William R. Van Cleave, Angelo M. Codevilla, and Thomas P. Rona.