“As every schoolboy knows, Europe’s Catholic Right has consisted of reactionaries who began in the service of residual feudal landowners and ended in support of big capital’s exploitation and oppression of the masses. As ideological fairy tales go, this is no worse than many others that pass for history on campus. Still, the totalitarian horrors of the twentieth century proved prescient the warnings of the Catholic Traditionalist Right about the consequences of radical democracy and cultural nihilism. These splendid essays, as readable as they are scholarly, launch a long-overdue assessment of vital political events.”

Professor Eugene Genovese, former President, the Historical Society

“The fall of Communism facilitated growth of research in areas previously difficult ot access. One such area is Polish interest in Spain; another, the history of the Catholic Right in Europe. This pioneering volume explores both narratives and succeeds in showing that they are related. The similarities have to do with the symmetrical positions of Poland and Spain as frontiers of Europe against invasions from Islam. The rest of Europe seldom noticed except in major victories, such as that of Don Juan at Lepanto in 1571 or that of John Sobieski at Vienna in 1683. The present collection of papers explores recent history developing against this background.”

Ewa Thompson, Professor of Slavic Studies, Rice University

Spanish Carlism and Polish Nationalism: The Borderlands of Europe in the 19th and 20th Centuries